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“Take complete control of your cloud consumption with Amadis Technologies”-Innovations of the World

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Helps its customers to harness the power of the cloud with confidence

Navigating technology change is not always smooth sailing. Amadis Technologies helps its customers to harness the power of the cloud with confidence. This ambition grew from a simple belief: cloud computing would change everything.

And it has. Today, heavy-hitters like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google are investing heavily in cloud components like infrastructure, platforms, or SaaS (software as a service). As a cloud-native specialist firm, Amadis empowers its customers not simply to migrate to the cloud, but to adapt the right cloud components to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Amadis’ combination of actionable insights–driven products and competent services make it possible.

“The ease of cloud consumption makes companies consume much more than what they really need the cloud for,” says Madhu Kumar, Amadis’ founder and CEO. “They throw all their business problems toward cloud adoption and expect stellar results. But it doesn’t work that way.

Amadis helps its enterprise clients optimize, engineer, and automate cloud consumption through cloud native products (CloudCADI) and the framework (CADI) can be applied for enterprise digital transformation needs.

CADI (Connect, Automate, Decide, and Innovate) is a full suite of native scripts that learn customers’ cloud assets, which enables automation and smarter decisions—to “spend right,” as Madhu explains. CADI helps Amadis to understand clients’ existing environments in order to recommend optimal options. These actionable insights appear in an intuitive, customizable single-pane dashboard.

“Through continuous learning and focus, we have honed our skills to identify optimal cloud components, blueprints, and possibilities for the highest degree of automation. These are the three crucial paths to success,” says Guhan P., Cloud Solutions Engineer at Amadis.

It’s a winning formula. A recent Fortune 500 client used CloudCADI and saw a savings of 3.5% in the first quarter, which increased to 6% by the end of the second quarter.

While Amadis’ offerings in its first year have been based in Microsoft Azure, it is at work on solutions on technologies that can be deployed on Hybrid cloud architectures as well. The company also seeks to enhance its recommendation engine to include features like multi-cloud evaluation models.

“I believe the cloud adoption rate is increasing at such a rapid pace that large enterprises are investing in multiple cloud platforms,” says Madhu. “The need for solutions is in line with what we do at Amadis and that need is bound to increase.  We’re here for when that happens, just as we have been from the beginning.”

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