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A Simplified Cloud FinOps Solution

Unlock your cloud potential through cross-functional FinOps by CloudCADI.

CloudCADI - cloud cost optimization solution

Are you ready to optimize your cloud consumption?

CloudCADI is a simplified cloud FinOps solution enabling enterprises to leverage their cloud environment and SPEND RIGHT. Our product brings financial prudence to cross-functional teams mapping their cloud decisions to finance. 

CloudCADI Key Features

Cognitive and Actionable Data Insights

Amadis' cloud finops solution - CloudCADI will provide deep insights to optimize your public cloud consumption. CloudCADI is equipped with non-intrusive cloud-native scripts to provide actionable insights.
cloud cadi feature - single pane view


Monitoring and Visualization

  • Continuous monitoring and configurable intervals
  • Single pane view of cost, performance, and utilization of all cloud resources
  • Cost and usage at a business unit level

CloudCADI feature - actionable insights


Actionable Insights & Recommendations

  • Cost benefit for every recommendation
  • Deep drill down options to pod level, node level, business unit level
  • Continuous display for high value optimizations

CloudCADI feature - externalised business rule engine


Non-intrusive & Externalized Business Rules

  • Customizable rules that permits flexible optimization
  • Free from external agents intrusion
  • Relieves the pain of security breach threats

Benefits of CloudCADI

CloudCADI dashboard
cloudcadi benefits - cost savings


6% to 12 %
monthly savings


6% to 12 %
monthly savings
cloudcadi benefits - budget control


Set budgets and alerts to get control of your cloud spend.


Set budgets and alerts to get control of your cloud spend.
cloudcadi benefits 2 - optimize cloud billing


Optimize your business by reducing billing costs and increasing revenue.


Optimize your business by reducing billing costs and increasing revenue.
cloudcadi feature - risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Get insight across your total cloud spend to mitigate business risk.

Risk Mitigation

Get insight across your total cloud spend to mitigate business risk.

CloudCADI Is Now Available in Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to CloudCADI directly from Azure Marketplace itself – while leveraging scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure in driving application development and shaping business strategies. This comes with unmatched benefits like,

  • Automatic Updates: Enjoy hassle-free cloud optimization with CloudCADI as an Azure Managed Application, eliminating the need for manual updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Compliance Assurance: Meet organizational standards effortlessly with CloudCADI’s compliance features as an Azure Managed Application.
  • Simplified Billing: Benefit from the trust of Microsoft by paying for CloudCADI directly through Azure billing, streamlining the entire billing process.

How Teams Benefit?

How cloudcadi helps engineering teams

Engineering Team

Brings financial accountability

Enables engineers to make cost-aware infrastructure decisions

Provides a framework for optimizing cloud cost management and usage

Gives flexibility to choose from multiple restructuring recommendations

Relieves them from the pain of security breach threats

Ensures compliance with organizational policies

How cloudcadi helps engineering teams
How cloudcadi helps finance teams

Finance Team

No surprise cloud bills

Data-driven spending

Optimized cloud infrastructure budget

how cloudcadi helps operations teams

Operations Teams

Rightly utilized IT budget

Free from vendor-lockin

Tracing back the root cause

A non-deviated journey towards the organization's vision

Enhanced employee collaboration

Full enterprise cloud utilization under one pane

Map every spend with the organization's outcomes

how cloudcadi helps operations teams

Who Should Go for CloudCADI?

CloudCADI is an industry-agnostic cloud FinOps solution suitable for all. Organizations of any size that leverages the cloud for their productivity can rely on Cloud CADI for their cloud cost optimization. 

  • Are you spending millions of dollars every year on your cloud resources?
  • Do you suspect the budget is getting wasted?
  • Finding it hard to trace the root cause?
  • Confused with crowded dashboards?

If the answers to the above questions are YES, it’s high time for you to call us!

Why CloudCADI

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