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CloudTech Talks – Your Go-To Cloud Podcast.

About CloudTech Talks

CloudTech Talks is the podcast where we explore all things related to cloud technology. Join us as we delve into the latest developments and trends in the cloud, including cloud FinOps, cloud security, cloud migration strategies, and more. Each episode features cloud prodigies as guests from the industry, who share their insights, experiences, and practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of the cloud. We’ll also discuss real-world use cases and success stories, highlighting how businesses leverage the cloud’s power to transform their operations and drive innovation. Whether you’re a cloud engineer, a business leader, or simply curious about the cloud, CloudTech Talks has something for you. So, tune in, subscribe, and join us on this exciting journey into cloud technology.


E23: Strategies for Multi-cloud Cost Optimization (Part 1)

Check out on this insightful episode on multi-cloud cost optimization featuring Erol kavas, Director, EPAM Systems. He addressed,

  • Key drivers behind rapid multi-cloud adoption

  • Challenges in multi-cloud cost optimization

  • Importance of centralized cost managment and governance policy

  • Effectiveness of resource tagging and organization

E22: Gamification in Cloud FinOps

Implement Cloud FinOps with a touch of Gamification.

Listen to the full episode hosted by Sindhu Priya Dhanabalan where Brian McCumber, a cloud finops leader, shares his thoughts on,

– Challenges in motivating Engineers to take meaningful action

– A case-study on gamification for finops

– A brief on his recent book – “Gamification – How to host a finops hackathon?”

E21: Decoding Cloud Unit Economics

Pankaj Bajaj, Certified FinOps Professional from HashiCorp in this episode briefs about,

  • Cloud Unit Economics in simple words
  • Significance of cloud unit economics in IT operations
  • KPIs of cloud unit economics
  • Use case of cloud unit economics
  • Cloud unit economics implementation challenges and its future scope

E20: How to embrace cloud in 2024? (Part 2)

Dont miss Part – 2 of “How to embrace cloud in 2024?” featuring Arvind Purushothaman from EY. You’ll hear in this episode,

  • Contributions businesses make towards fostering sustainable cloud practices adoption

  • Recommendations for businesses to get the best out of their efforts on cloud

  • Top 3 approaches business should avoid in 2024 on their cloud.

  • Research areas in cloud companies should invest in 2024

E19: How to embrace cloud in 2024? (Part 1)

How prepared is your cloud this year?

Hear the top actionable tactics to embrace the cloud effectively from Arvind Purushothaman, Cloud Leader from EY.

This episode holds,

  • Major cloud trends to expect in 2024

  • Best ways to optimize cloud expenses this year

E18: Cloud Unveiled: Navigating AWS Best Practices, FinTech Nuances, and Global Presence Management with Tide.co Insights (Part 2)

Madhu Kumar and Kelly is back with the intriguing topic. You’ll understand from this episode,

  1. What keeps Tide.co up and moving?
  2. What does Kelly see as major architectural guidelines for fintech businesses from his experience?
  3. Does Kelly see productivity improvements in using Gen AI tools?
  4. What is Kelly’s view on the slowdown of cloud migration?

E17: Cloud Unveiled: Navigating AWS Best Practices, FinTech Nuances, and Global Presence Management with Tide.co Insights (Part 1)

Listen to thought provoking insights from Kelly Looney, SVP of Engineering, Tide.co on,

  • AWS best practices advising Vs doing – Where does he see the difference?

  • Nuances the cloud-native FinTech companies should pay attention to

  • Strategies to choose between CSPs and tools for improving efficiency

  • How Tide.co keeps the global presence organized?

  • Uniqueness in Tide.co products

E16: Fireside Chat on Upcoming Cloud Trends (Part 2)

Here comes the other episode with David Linthicum.

This fireside chat Part 2 between Madhu Kumar, Founder & CEO – Amadis and David Linthicum covers,

  • What the enterprises should choose NOT to do in the upcoming 2 to 3 years?

  • David’s views on the young talent’s urge to learn the new technologies skipping the fundamental engineering concepts?

  • One recent ‘buzzword’ the enterprises are mistakenly chasing

E15: Fireside Chat on Upcoming Cloud Trends (Part 1)

Are you updated on the recent cloud trends? Hear from one of the most trusted “Cloud Visionary” himself – David Linthicum

This fireside chat between Madhu Kumar, Founder & CEO – Amadis and David Linthicum covers,

  • Views on cloud adoption rate in next 3 to 5 years

  • What’s happening in the industry cloud and where are we now?

  • Cloud native migration trends in the next five years

E14: Unpacking the Evolution of AI in Cloud Services (Part 2)

Back with Part 2 of “Unpacking the Evolution of AI in Cloud Services” with Janakiram MSV on CloudTech Talks- Your Go-To Cloud Podcast.

This episode covers,
– Latest strategies of hyperscalers on AI
– A sneak peek of the book by Janakiram MSV – “Mastering Generative AI with Open AI” on Kodecloud.

E13: Unpacking the Evolution of AI in Cloud Services

Listen to Janakiram MSV as he unleashes all the recent strategies of the hyperscalers like Azure, AWS and GCP towards AI. Some of the key discussion points are,

  • Why the hyperscalers want to invest in AI?

  • What are the key differences between conventional AI models and foundational models? 

E12: Strategies for Seamless Cloud Migration

Listen to Yugesh Deshpande‘s strategies for seamless cloud migration. You’ll hear in this episode,

  1. The common pitfalls of cloud migration
  2. Key Practices for seamless cloud -migration
  3. Facilities from CSP for cloud migration
  4. Impact of AI in cloud migration

E11: Maximizing ROI: Zero Trust Principles in Multi-Cloud Strategy

Listen to what the cybersecurity expert and a thought leader, ABHISHEK BANSAL has to say about ZTA architecture principles and how it can maximize your cloud ROI.
This episode covers,

  1. Brief on Zero Trust Architecture principles
  2. Reasons behind ZTA popularity in Multi-cloud
  3. Tangible benefits of ZTA for organizations
  4. Future trends of ZTA

E10: Kubernetes Cost Optimization- The Vital Lowdown (Part 2)

Ready for more insights on optimizing your Kubernetes costs? Tune in to our latest episode, “Kubernetes Cost Optimization Part 2,” back again with Govardhan.

In this episode, you’ll hear.

  1. How to leverage clusters and containers for optimal costs?
  2. Kubernetes rightsizing process drill-down
  3. How to strike the right balance between Kubernetes performance and Cost optimization?
  4. Tools that can help in Kubernetes cost optimization.

E09: Kubernetes Cost Optimization- The Vital Lowdown (Part 1)

Are you navigating the complex world of Kubernetes Cost Management? Dive in to this episode our guest Govardhana Miriyala Kannaiah discuss the nuances of optimizing your Kubernetes expenses.

This episode covers,

  • Kubernetes basics
  • Areas where organizations drain their kubernetes investments
  • Ways to overcome the common pitfalls in optimizing kubernetes expenses

E08: Mastering Cloud Native Microservices - A Practitioner's Approach (Part 2)

Don’t miss the continuation of Episode 6.

This episode focuses on,

  • Key principles for migration to microservices architecture.
  • Future cloud development trends that Telecom industries should note down
  • About Chetan’s new book “Mastering Cloud Native Microservices”

E07: Critical Elements of Successful Enterprise CloudOps

Listen to this hot panel discussion of seasoned cloud experts – Abhishek Bansal (IAM Leader & Cloud Security Specialist), Arun Dhanaraj (VP of Cloud Practices, Global Bank),  discussing the indispensable parts of successful Cloud Operations hosted by Madhu Kumar (Founder & CEO – Amadis Technologies). While there are many, this episode focuses on Security and WAF.

E06: Mastering Cloud Native Microservices - A Practitioner's Approach (Part 1)

Check out this episode where Chetan Walia – Cloud Consulting & Director, Tech Mahindra, explained in detail about,

  • Strategic practices for a smooth transition from a monolithic architecture to microservices
  • Challenges & possible solutions
  • Benefits

E05: Best Practices For Efficient Cloud Cost Optimization

This episode will help you understand how to make your cloud cost optimization process faster and more effective. Hear it from the expert himself – Madhu Kumar. You’ll get to know,

  • FinOps implementation challenges
  • Possible solutions to overcome
  • Team to include in the process

E04:Cloud FinOps - The Basics

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how by embracing Cloud FinOps, organizations can drive innovation enhance operational efficiency, and achieve financial transparency in their cloud journey. This episode covers,

  • What is Cloud FinOps and its benefits?
  • Who should we involve in the process?
  • A few real-world use cases
  • E03: Is The Cloud Really Cost Effective (Part 2)

    Catch up with the more strategic practices explained by Sitanshu Upadhyay to make your cloud cost-effective. This episode is a continuation of Is the cloud really cost-effective? (Part 1). Listen to this after completing it for better understanding.

    E02: Is The Cloud Really Cost Effective (Part 1)

    Join us as we dive into the pros and cons of cloud computing with Sitanshu Upadhyay (Manager – Cloud Strategy & Migration, Deloitte), and unpack the hidden costs and potential savings that come with migrating to the cloud. Whether you’re considering moving to the cloud or optimizing your existing cloud infrastructure, this episode is a must-listen!

    E01: How to Plan A Master Cloud Budget 2023?

    Are you a cloud practitioner looking for tips to draft an efficient cloud budget for 2023? This episode is just for you. Listen to the expert insights to kickstart your financial year and optimize your cloud budget.

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