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CloudCADI comes with three-tier packages.

Tier 1 – Ideal for businesses that spend up to $1,500,000 USD on their cloud annually.

Tier 2 – Ideal for businesses that spend between $1,500,000 – $5,000,000 USD on their cloud annually.

Tier 3 – Ideal for businesses that spend more than $5,000,000 USD on their cloud annually.

If your cloud spend doesn’t fall into these tiers and looking for customized optimization needs, contact:cloudcadisales@amadisglobal.com

Yes. CloudCADI facilitates the seamless integration into ticketing tools like ServiceNow.

CloudCADI requires only reader-level access to cost and performance data. You should create a role (IAM in AWS, Active directory role – Azure) in your cloud environment for Amadis. So that CloudCADI fetches all the required data for your effective optimization.


No. CloudCADI supports only public cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP as of now and not private cloud environments. Expect our next release soon.

No. CloudCADI is a cloud-native solution that sits within your cloud environment free from external agents for optimization and is non-intrusive securing your confidential data.

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