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Cloud is Default.

Whatever your business goal, Cloud is the backbone of every strategy of Digital Enterprise. Wading your way through a stream of new technologies, processes and data can be tricky. At Amadis, our cloud engineering services handhold you through your business transformation journey navigating cloud native applications, low-code platforms, hybrid systems, data lakes, microservices, containers, DevOps, IOT, Analytics, security and more using Agile Methodology.

AZURE Frameworks

Creating a software system using cloud components is a lot like constructing a building. Don’t let a poorly planned foundation and architecture undermine the integrity of your systems and create downstream challenges for efficiencies and security. Amadis utilizes the MS AZURE Well-Architected Framework, to provide a consistent set of best practices for enterprises and ISVs to evaluate their architecture for: 

  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Operational Excellence
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost Optimization
Cloud Native Development
Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking about architecture and design. While traditional lift-and-shift approaches save on capital expenses, they could escalate operational expenses and are often sub-optimal. Cloud-based applications are meant to scale horizontally from the get-go, providing your business with the flexibility to scale efficiently and cost-effectively. Building and deploying such applications requires fundamental re-engineering to a cloud native architecture. Let our team of cross-discipline engineers turn your next brilliant idea into a real product, fully optimized for the cloud.

Application Programming Concepts to Architecture building, Zero Coding / Minimal Coding efforts
  • 100% Uptime and Availability
  • Maximize ROI, Scaling & Resilience
  • Device & Network Compatibility, provider neutral
  • Well integrated and compliant
  • UX/UI/Computational components
  • Enabling smooth CI/CD and DevOps/ DevSecOps automation
Amadis cloud engineering services combine web design, UX, software development, and DevOps approaches to cloud architecture and management using agile development processes. With a cross-skilled team under one roof, we maximize collaboration, optimize resource utilization, ensure quality control, enhance performance and security, and meet strict compliance in regulated markets. Amadis’s strength lies in our inherent ability to adapt quickly to new challenges by embracing a culture of experimentation and iteration. We partner with you on every stage of the product lifecycle – from concept to QA to production to post-launch cloud support.
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Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud computing requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustments to ensure that you are not wasting resources. It ensures that you are investing in are driving your business forward. Now, analyze consumption patterns and pricing options to make sure that you are only paying for what you need with our cloud engineering services.

The AMADIS Optimizer is a unique tool that is designed for the right outcomes:
  • Analyze Idle & Unused resources
  • Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources
  • Update Resources
  • Manage Reserved Instances
  • Store strategically and manage content distribution
  • Monitor billing / cost optimization
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Cloud Data & Analytics
Overcome the complexities of AZURE Big Data Storage by quickly building and deploying highly scalable and secure applications. Leveraging AZURE SQL & Big Data Solutions. Integrate all of your data sets, to create instant access to business insights that enable prescriptive data-driven decision making within the organization. Let our AZURE Big Data Architects do all of the “heavy lifting” so that your team of developers and data scientists can focus on your organization’s core competencies.

“If Big Data is on your mind, Rethink your strategy with Amadis“

Our cloud engineering team leverages the proprietary frameworks and methodologies to build out AZURE Big Data applications, ADLS, Data Lakes, Data Bricks and Sparks. Scale architectures that handle terabytes to petabytes of structured and unstructured data and spin up clusters with many nodes in minutes. Support broad spectrums of analytics – regardless of their variety, volume, and velocity. Save by only paying for what you use, with on-demand provisioning of your Big Data applications that scale up and down automatically.
  • Integrate all your data sources into data lakes, at pennies per Gigabyte
  • Scale out on-demand with batch analytics
  • Serverless Architectures for streaming analytics
  • Security, governance & compliance for data ingest & egress at scale
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Azure AI Components

AI is the new normal in the consumer world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies help application transcend capabilities to be more relevant, contextual and personalized to their users. Beyond obvious challenges of data sciences and programming, the toughest challenge is integrating AI & ML with their specific development methodologies, deploying into a production environment and monitoring it.

By leveraging Azure’s native AI/ML modules, our cloud engineering services can connect and automate the necessary tools, processes and data elements to produce and operationalize an AI/ML model. Define and track metrics through model training, validation and testing with Telemetry. Gauge impact, capture feedback and analyze usage patterns in real-time.

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