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Our Future

Amadis - future plans

Our Vision is to become “A global leader in cloud native technology products & services” for the B2B segment. To achieve this long-term vision, we started with our initial focus on Cloud Financial Operations (Fin Ops), a compelling need in the industry today for all large consumers of cloud technology. Amadis launched its product, CloudCADI – Fin Ops module in 2019, and it is being deployed at major enterprises for cloud Fin Ops. CloudCADI provides customers with the ability to acquire in-depth insights into the utilization of all cloud assets and recommendations for cost optimization, without compromising performance.

One of the unique features of our product is our ability to externalize the business rule engine and apply cognitive insights for optimization, prediction, etc., Our team’s association with the IIT Madras Research Park eco-system as well as Mathematics & Data Science Laboratories at IIT Madras is allowing us to continuously innovate and bring newer releases on our product using AI & custom-developed predictive algorithms. Our near-term vision [FY 2025] is to release the AI-driven optimization engine [Enterprise Cloud AI Ops] encompassing Fin Ops, Sec Ops as well Cloud Ops, and in the longer term, be a leader in Cross-Platform Workload optimization & deployments. For more information, please feel free to reach our cloud experts.

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