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Amadis cloud consulting service

Cloud Consulting &

Digital Transformation Service

Amadis - cloud Consulting

“Digital” is more than just a marketing or sales channel. It can fundamentally transform your product or service. Our cloud consulting services help bold, forward-looking brands build meaningful connections with their audiences. In all the places that digital touches people’s lives. Our digital transformation consultants help your organization realize actionable innovation business cases. Our digital vision is guided by simple principles that allow us to provide a consistent approach and integrated strategy.

Cloud Consulting Services

Minimum Viable Product Strategy

Build a fully functional transactional portal. It’s all about Smart Learning. Our MVP is designed not just to answer product design or technical questions, but to test the very fundamental business hypotheses.

A/B Testing: Have two versions of any element (A and B) and a metric that defines success. Gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate

Amadis Cloud Native Methodology

Our REALTM Approach

We follow REALTM for our cloud consulting service. It is a way to get our clients out of the traditional “consultant-vortex” and into something that is about the client, their business, goals, and consumers. It is centered around data, market testing, and feedback.

Amadis REAL methodology


Our strategy relies on truly understanding how, when and why to change the behaviors of both customer’s brand and the consumer to find synergy between all parties

Amadis REAL methodology


We build and test the approved direction using our agile methodology

Amadis REAL methodology


We synthesize and leverage our research into innovative solutions that we rapidly prototype and validate in collaborative sessions.

Amadis REAL methodology


Your business doesn’t stop with the launch. New data will inform the next phase of innovation.

Digital Transformation Approach


CADITM is the full suite framework to innovate on products and services, engage with customers better, make smarter decisions and automate for operational efficiency

Connect – Better engagement with Consumers (Customers /Employees)
Enterprise Social Networks, Improved Sales & Execution Channels (Omni Channels), & Tailored e-sales Capabilities

Automate – Smoothen the end-to-end process
Improved efficiency of transaction processing, Implement Process Automation (Robotics techniques, if applicable), “Appification” of interconnected processes, Implement IoT

Decide – Better Decision Making
“Data” driven decision making, Analytics, Timely & Relevant management of information across business groups, Algorithmic decision systems

Innovate – Innovation Culture at Product /Business Model
Best in class Customer engagement and intimacy through tailored solutions, Adoption of Design Thinking Methodology at the Corporate Level, Utilize AI /ML Capabilities across organization